For assistance and advice call +44 (0) 20 7458 4088, anytime 24/7, 365
For assistance and advice call +44 (0) 20 7458 4088, anytime 24/7

Cyber Major is a leading independent security consultancy, specialising in
enterprise level cyber and security audits.


Our Background

With a proven track record of conducting cyber and security audits to leading UK companies, Cyber Major is ideally placed to assist you to visualise your exposure and plan realistic, affordable mitigation.

Professional audit services are the extremely valuable for any company, regardless of size or sector, something our long and varied list of clients can testify to.


Our dedicated and experienced team will guide you through an extensive audit designed to objectively analyse all aspects of your organisation’s cyber and physical security processes, procedures and measures, leaving no stone unturned. Findings are captured and delivered in a comprehensive report and digital platform to assist ongoing management and mitigation.

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The audit aligns to the following standards:

  • EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • ISO 27001 & 27002
  • The Data Protection Act 1998
  • The National Institute for Standards and Technology Cyber-Security Framework (NIST)
  • International guidance & standards where applicable
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Cyber Risk Audit Service

Enterprise cyber risk audits including:

  • Governance & Compliance
  • Business policies & procedures
  • Digital Network analysis (Physical & Cloud)
  • Physical & environmental security assessments
  • Upstream/downstream dependencies


We would be happy to discuss any of our services with you.

Cyber Risk Audits

When it comes Cyber Security, what you don’t know CAN hurt you and keeping pace with the number and sophistication of threats, which often come from the most unlikely directions, is challenging to even the most experienced management team.

Implementing tighter controls while enabling your team to achieve your business objectives is increasingly difficult and the tendency to focus on technology as the problem can leave significant gaps in areas of highest risk…people.

At Cyber Major, we bring significant expertise to our cyber risk audits to identify potential vulnerabilities and implement

sound mitigation practices to cost effectively enhance your risk posture.

We work with your key stakeholders from C-level downwards and out into your supply chain to analyse your business to determine what’s driving any vulnerabilities and provide recommendations.

Finally – and most importantly – we will translate our findings into actionable mitigation initiatives for your business, with a list of prioritised recommendations.

Information Security Governance

Is your organisation GDPR compliant?

Cyber Major has a proven track record in creating a program that establishes risk-based controls to protect the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of information stored, processed, or transferred within your business.

Our risk governance audit is designed to provide clear route for your compliance programme. Our established, tried and tested assessment methodology is based on the GDPR, PECR and cybersecurity best practices.

The modular methodology ensures we can tailor the questions to specific business context, sector and industry the organisation operates in.

The additional risk-based assessment also ensures non-governance related risks are also captured and presented in the assessment report.

Our thorough analysis will ensure that your organisation will avoid the colossal fines applied through this legislation. We will also make sure that you are future - proofed against any later regulatory changes. You can only be sure with Cyber Major.

Our Audit Covers

  • The bands of penalties and ranges for data breaches and how to avoid them
  • The seven data protection principles, lawfulness and consent and how to comply with them
  • The rights of data subjects and how to respect them
  • Data controllers and processors (what they are and how they are defined in your business)
  • Data Protection by design and how to implement it
  • Securing personal data and reporting data breaches
  • Performing a data protection impact assessment
  • The powers of supervisory authorities (which is the Information Commissioner’s Office in the UK)
  • The role of the European Data Protection Board and how it impacts your business
  • Transferring personal data outside the EU and what safeguards you must take if applicable
  • Maintaining a healthy relationship with the ICO


Upon completion of your cyber audit or assessment we will present a full report and discuss all recommendations you. The audit information can also be loaded onto our digital risk management system to assist you to manage your mitigation plan and future audit processes. You will get your own secure log in where you can use our intuitive software to scope out and manage all of the risks that have been highlighted in your report.

A tutorial system will guide you through how to use the risk framework and we’ll constantly help update the system as needed.

If you need ongoing support, we would be happy to discuss our advanced retainer service with you which, for a fixed monthly fee, means that we stay as your dedicated advisors providing, a virtual DPO, cyber-security advice and protection as your organisation sees fit.